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February 06 2019

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RIP, Kickass
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September 18 2011

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Wenn ich mich nicht bald rasiere,
muss ich irgendwo Linux installieren.
— Google - just enter “wenn”.
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August 10 2011

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I don’t always vote, but when I do, I prefer Pirates.
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April 03 2011

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last one (for today)
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International Seed Day Reminds Us To Choose Patent-Free Seeds


big agri photoPhoto: CPWF Basin Focal ProjectFood activists from around the globe will be celebrating International Seed Day this April 26. The Institute for Near Eastern Studies (INEAS) wants to remind people to celebrate the holiday by enjoying the benefits of patent-free seeds and more importantly, by writing letters to your newspaper to spread the word far and wide. The battle is on against patented...
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March 20 2011

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February 11 2011

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smart ass
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Wissen macht Ah!  bildet, Kinder.
Ich musste sehr lachen :D
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